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Most dealerships say they are interested in customer satisfaction. At RoadSport, we live it. As a testament to this dedication, we are delighted to announce that we were awarded Best of Silicon Valley 2009 by readers of the San Jose Mercury News. It is important to us that you experience a high level of comfort regarding the quality of your vehicle purchase, and we strive to attain this level of satisfaction with every customer. To do this, we can never let you down.

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People say that buying a car is the second hardest thing behind buying a home. Well, at RoadSport, the experience is so easy and enjoyable that I've purchased three cars from them over the course of just six years. These include a C5 Corvette, a Chevy Blazer, and a BMW 330ci, and they have all been excellent buys.

There are many reasons that have made me a repeat and loyal customer. One of the main reasons is the utmost friendliness and attention to customer-satisfaction by both Clint Ralls II, and Clint Ralls III. They are always willing to go the extra mile to take care of my needs. As soon as you let them know what vehicle you are looking for, they get to work and start looking, and not just around the local area, but all along the West Coast. When they find your perfect car, they make sure it looks immaculate before you take ownership.

What makes their cars even better is their very good value. All of my cars have been better deals than compared to private owners, or dealerships. Unlike dealerships, RoadSport also sells very comprehensive warranties at very reasonable prices. With RoadSport, I may never have reason to purchase a new vehicle again. I'm already looking forward to buying my next car from them.
I only wish buying a home were this enjoyable.
Sean L.
San Jose, CA

Other Reviews:

My family has purchased 11 cars from Clint Ralls at RoadSport. I've referred my closest friends and family members to Clint for their new and used car needs. Always courteous and a careful listener, Clint Ralls has a passion for finding exactly the model and color combinations a buyer wants. He's a car guy.
My two favorite purchases are a silver 911 Porsche Twin Turbo, factory modified to turn out 525 hp and a slate gray Porsche Turbo Cayenne.
If there's ever a problem, either routine maintenance or replacements, fixing door dings or questions about which parts to buy, or who's the best at balancing tires, or even doing custom modifications like they did to my Jeep Grand Cherokee, the folks at RoadSport take care of us.

The RoadSport people make buying and owning cars fun and easy.

Hud Staffield
Los Gatos, CA

I have purchased five cars from RoadSport. The expertise, and willingness to meet my wants and needs in an automobile purchase have been exceptional. Not only does RoadSport make buying a car easy, but their after purchase customer relationship and service is great.
Three of the cars I have purchased have been Jaguars. All of these cars were late model, and still had factory warranties. Any item that came up under warranty, RoadSport worked the issues with the local Jaguar dealership for me. Also, RoadSport is always willing to make the appointments, and take my cars to a reputable shop for all of my routine service and repair needs.

Thank you RoadSport.

Jim Peoples
Los Gatos, CA

I would like to add my voice to the sentiments of the other Roadsport clients. I may sound like an echo, repeating words that reach the highest level of superlatives, but I think it is important to add my voice to solidify credibility of the 5 star comments that Roadsport generates. I am not a shill or even responding to a request, just a mightily satisfied customer that wants Silicon Valley auto buyers to know that they can trust Clint II and III with their used car purchases.
I purchased my BMW through them nearly 6 years ago, so I can speak not only to their shopping skills, but especially to the level of ongoing service they have provided me. I have never seen anything like it in over 40 years of purchasing cars. It started from the get-go. The first car they brought back to me met all my specifications. First, however, Clint Sr. insisted on having a second mechanical check locally before signing off on the sale. He called to say the car failed the test and he would look further. He came back a week later with a better car for less! Can you beat that? I love the model he found. It is unique and a one-of-a-kind modified edition.
Even better is the six years of service they have provided. They have answered urgent calls from out of town on the weekend, Clint Jr. rescued me at the hardware store when I couldn’t open the trunk ski-door, they found bargain tires for me, and replaced countless burned out light-bulbs and a leaking windshield water reservoir. They love and understand cars and share their passion with their clients. They are enthusiastic, polite gentlemen who genuinely want to please their customers. My son, the consummate, savvy internet shopper, went to Clint on my suggestion and Clint found a Mercedes SUV for 15% less than he could buy anywhere online. How about that! He is now a diehard Roadsport client.
Roadsport is not your typical used-car dealership. It has a unique style of selling; there are very few cars in their lot. You list your specifications and Clint scours the manufacturers’ auctions for you and calls you when he finds what you are looking for. It may take a bit more time but you are not obliged to purchase the car he bring back for you. Thus a car purchase from Roadsport is foolproof and easy. They know their prices and they listen to the client; they negotiate. It is a win-win situation all around. As a result of my initial experience, there is no way I will buy my next car from any other dealer. You would be wise to check them out before making a final decision in your next car purchase as well.
Dr. Olender 
San Jose, CA


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